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    Cannon AFB, NM

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    Cannon AFB 96 Person Dormitory MACNAK Construction is currently completing the 96 Person Dormitory Design and build project at Cannon AFB.  This project is on schedule to be complete near the end of 2013.  Please look under Design and Builds for more information on this p roject.

  • Elwha Phase II - 2

    Elwha River Restoration

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    Elwha River Water Treatment plant Restoration: MACNAK Construction has been awarded the Elwha River WTP Restoration contract to repair the filtration system which was damaged by dirt and debris clogging the existing Water Filtration system.  Work is scheduled to begin immediately and will be complete before summer.

  • Staircase

    Staircase Rapids Suspension Bridge

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    Staircase Rapids Suspension Bridge project MACNAK Construction just finished substantial completion on the $1.2Million dollar Design and Build Staircase Rapids Suspension bridge project located in the Olympic NP.

  • Hot Springs VA

    VA Hospital Renovation Hot Springs

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    VA Hospital Renovation Hot Springs SD MACNAK Construction was awarded this project in 2012 and is roughly 50% of the way through this project with the VA.  The Hot Springs VA Hospital is a Historic Landmark made of sand stone and has been in existence prior to the Civil War.  MACNAK is proud to have… Read more


    Ice Harbor Dam

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    Ice Harbor Fish Trap Modification MACNAK Construction is just reaching substantial completion of the Design and Build project, Ice Harbor fish Trap Modification, at Ice Harbor Dam.  This project was awarded under the Walla Walla Army Corps of Engineers MATOC.

  • panther-creek-bridge-side-view (Large)

    Hot Creek and Sage Hen Trail Bridges

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    Contract: AG-82B1-S-10-0287 Boise National Forest, ID $176,500.00 Bridge removal and replacement.  Removed and replaced 2 existing bridges and built 3 new bridges. Helicopters were used to transport all materials to jobsite and to set new bridges.  This project was located in a remote area where dirt bikes and hiking were the only means of access.

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    ROC Center Bldg 465

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    N62473-10-C-1017 Naval Air Station Fallon, NV $228,512.00 Walls renovated for sound proofing to full height and formed main corridor with three new doors into three new spaces.  New spaces were renovated for new electrical, HVAC, Fire protection, carpeting and ceiling tiles.

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    Bomb Assembly Bldg 246

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    N62473-10-C-1021 Provided and installed building ceiling and wall insulation, vacuum operated gas-fired low intensity infrared heating system to provide overhead heating over a 10, 000 sq foot work area.

  • Lake Mead, NV, HVAC (ARRA)

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    C836009142A Removed existing units, and designed, furnished and installed residential type Air Conditioner/Heat Pump units and associated equipment, including programmable set back thermostats, new disconnects, stands, new flashing, condensate drain lines, and performed sheet metal duct work.

  • Fallon

    NASF Solar Pool upgrade

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    N62473-09-C-2809 Naval Air Station Fallon, NV New structure construction consisted of 3’ diameter by 10’ deep foundations, metal support beams and roof 30’ height, 60’ long x 50’ wide.  Installed solar panels, thermal sensors, 400’ of 6” PVC/CPVC, 6” manual shutoff valves, solar water pump, tie-in to existing mechanical, state of the art computer control… Read more

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